Our Strategies

Alternative Core Solutions diligently identifies and provides access to talented managers in various strategic areas so investors have an opportunity to widen their diversifcation beyond traditional equity and fixed income ideas.

Absolute Return

Often championships are won by defense . . . but there’s usually a pretty good offense involved, as well. Some managers carry both so they have the ability to make money in all markets by employing various strategies that seek to provide “absolute returns” regardless of market conditions.

Low Correlation

The 90’s illustrated relative returns were exciting and successful . . . the 2000’s proved these concepts could result in the worst decade for equities. Institutions and endowments place tremendous focus on wide diversification. Managers do exist with strategies that have from zero to moderate correlation to traditional investments. Several studies and many scholars express that true diversfication derives from owning investments that do not move in tandem with one another.

Real Assets

Investors may further diversify by placing assets with managers that specialize in real assets such as energy ideas, precious metals, timber and other areas of physical commodities and real assets. These assets tend to do well in inflationary times and many lean on them as a hedge against rising prices.


Some investors are most concerned with how much they keep versus how much they make. These solutions are designed to manage risk with their return capabilities tied to various investment indexes, and provide maturities from 90 days to 5 years. The main focus of these instruments is to provide downside risk protection not found in many equity ideas.


In the world of investing, “buy and hold” (passive management) may not be the most effective approach in a world that changes so quickly. Many believe a more active role in invesmtents is prudent for today’s environment. There are solutions for investors that focus on an active management process that is tactical and evolving according to current market and economic conditions. One that rolls with the changes.

Tax Controlled

It’s not what you make but what you keep. There are platforms that allow investors to grow wealth in a more tax-controlled fashion. With a tax-controlled investment, you can decide when you will pay taxes on earnings. Also, with these strategies, investors have several options to fully diversify and employ managers that have expertise in varous strategies.